Batteries Need Maintenance Too

One of the most common calls we get is "my battery is dead and it's brand new!". Usually this indicates either power is being drawn from an accessory hooked up to constant power or it's a failure to properly maintain a battery. Our next question to the customer would be, "do you keep your battery on a automatic battery charger?". The common answer is no.

Battery Maintenance
Its important to keep your UTV battery on an automatic battery charger / maintainer. An automatic battery charger shuts itself off after a battery has been fully charged and will maintain the battery while its in storage. Automatic battery chargers / maintainers are safe to use on a UTV starting battery because they won't over charge the battery. Failure to keep a battery maintained will cause it to wear out prematurely or show low voltage.
Another common question we receive after telling a customer about the uses of an automatic battery charger is "why don't I have to use one on my car or truck?". The reason why you don't have to use a battery charger on your car or truck is because you drive your vehicle on a daily basis and the alternator will charge your battery every time you use it. UTV's are usually kept in storage for weeks on end and the batteries aren't getting the proper usage they need to stay maintained.
What if you run the UTV Stereo 2nd Battery Kit? Someone might think you only need to keep your starting battery maintained because you need it for starting the vehicle. When running a dual battery set up its important to keep both batteries maintained while in storage. This means you'll have to run two automatic battery chargers / maintainers to properly maintain both batteries. Each battery will be maintained individually to keep storage capacity at optimal levels.
Do you need a battery charger or battery upgrade? We have a ton of options for you to choose from listed on our website. Now that you know the importance of maintaining your battery, it's probably time to get a battery maintainer. Save yourself the headache of driving all the way out to your favorite riding spot and realizing you have a dead or malfunctioning battery.